Вікіпедія:Задачі про ботів

Looking for a botРедагувати

(a lovely bot…)

Looking for a bot for changing in articles and categories wrong [[Катеґорія:Kраїны]] (Latin K !) in [[Катеґорія:Країны]].


Budelberger 16:04, 1 фебруара 2011 (CET) ( ). (Where to ask such requests ?)

You may place your request at en:Wikipedia:Bot requests. Some global bot might help us. --Gleb Borisov 16:13, 1 фебруара 2011 (CET)
No, thank you : I hate global anything (bots, sysop owners…) ; my good friend EmausBot is sleeping… VolkovBot too… --Budelberger 16:32, 1 фебруара 2011 (CET) ( ) (How can we say « Wikipedia:Bot requests » in Rusyn, in order to create here our own Page ? « Вікіпедія:Завданя для ботів » ?)
Hello, the request page for bots could be Вікімедія:Задачі про ботів Gazeb 16:46, 1 фебруара 2011 (CET)
Done. Mjbmr Talk 18:31, 1 фебруара 2011 (CET)
One word : « ممنونم ! » (?)
73 edits in 4 minutes… Fast Mjbmrbot, thanks. --Budelberger 19:23, 1 фебруара 2011 (CET) ( ).
You're welcome, anyways i run my bot from toolserver that's becuase it's so fast ! :) Mjbmr Talk 21:01, 1 фебруара 2011 (CET)

Adding a template to an articleРедагувати

Can a bot :

  • read a category for templates
  • read each template
  • edit existent articles this template links to
  • add at the end of the body of this article this template (a categorizing template)

Example :

Budelberger 23:10, 2 фебруара 2011 (CET) ( ).

Yes, it's quite easy. I thing it's not necessary for 3 articles - this could be made by hands for each article, but if it were 10 or more articles - of course it would be hi time to ask a bot --A1 23:28, 2 фебруара 2011 (CET)
Is there some page such as en:Wikipedia:Bots/Requests for approval? --A1 23:31, 2 фебруара 2011 (CET)
It's an example ; there are 10 templates and 61 existent articles in Категорія:Шаблоны окресів на Словеньску. --Budelberger 03:08, 3 фебруара 2011 (CET) ( ). (See here.)
Should be a list on a category so a bot can check them, i think this way doesn't work Mjbmr Talk 09:21, 3 фебруара 2011 (CET)
Okaye, Achaemenid ! I've created a test list here ; first field is « * », second existent article, third, the template to add before {{Русиньскы села на Словеньску}} : you can edit this page before doing your test. Within the same edit, can you add something else in the articles ? After the first word of the article, usually article name in bold, add « space(по {{язык+sk|XXXXX}}) », where XXXXX is what we find at the end of the article, in the interwiki section, in « [[sk:XXXXX]] », e. g. Андріёва : « Андріёва (по {{язык+sk|Andrejová}}) »; see e. g. Кожухівцї. Thanks. --Budelberger 15:51, 3 фебруара 2011 (CET) ( ).
I tried to process 3 articles where "окрес Ґелніца" was needed - please look, did you mean this? --A1 21:27, 3 фебруара 2011 (CET)
Yes, but no. Yes, if you are a bot, no if you are a man, even if you use AWB. In my opinion, one edit is not one modification ; useful edits must do some modifications, within the same edit : wikification, adding lines, removing lines, interwikifying, etc. ; e. g. this edit ; compare with this one (not because of the wrong template). (Remember that I am a rue-¼ User ; so, I'm doing only technical edits.) --Budelberger 23:29, 3 фебруара 2011 (CET) ( ).
Agree. --A1 23:36, 3 фебруара 2011 (CET)

New pages for Rusyn villagesРедагувати

Can a bot create stub new pages for all mising Rusyn villages from Шаблона:Русиньскы_села_на_Словеньску?

'''Ольшавіця''' є село в [[окрес Левоча|окресї Левоча]].

{{Окрес Левоча}} {{Русиньскы села на Словеньску}} {{Стыржень}} Gazeb 08:34, 5 фебруара 2011 (CET)

Hello, this request is not needed. --Gazeb 16:46, 6 фебруара 2011 (CET)
¡Ola! Do you have your own bot, or only your hands ?… --Budelberger 17:03, 6 фебруара 2011 (CET) ( ).
I do not have bot, I created simple bash script to generate these pages and then they were inserted manually to the wiki. --Gazeb 17:14, 6 фебруара 2011 (CET)



A bot needed to create some useful redirections ; list is here.


Budelberger (   ) 15:30, 10 фебруара 2011 (CET).

Bot needed.Редагувати


Here one can find my requests. Generally I use this pattern :
* [[Article]](tab)<nowiki>Text in this article</nowiki>

Thank you,

Budelberger (   ) 20:28, 12 фебруара 2011 (CET).

Change of namespace namesРедагувати

Hello, could some fast bot change namespace names in all pages? After Wikipedia update were installed Rusyn namespace names and we need to change all Ukrainian.

[[Катеґорія: to [[Катеґорія:
Шаблона: to Шаблона:
[[Хоснователь: to [[Хоснователь:
Діскузія з хоснователём to Діскузія з хоснователём

The sooner the better. Thanks. --Gazeb 16:57, 16 фебруара 2011 (CET)

I'll try to start. --Emaus 22:35, 16 фебруара 2011 (CET)
thank you. --Gazeb 18:49, 18 фебруара 2011 (CET)
  • It would also be good if you replace all “Спеціальна” with “Шпеціална”. --Gleb Borisov 17:36, 17 фебруара 2011 (CET)
  • I found only 5 pages (including this) where it is used. Probably, I search incorrectly. --Emaus 01:44, 19 фебруара 2011 (CET)