Колониалны коледжѣ: Роздїлы міджі ревізіями

|Колония Массачузетского залива
|1650<ref>{{cite web|title=The Charter of 1650|url=http://library.harvard.edu/university-archives/using-the-collections/online-resources/charter-of-1650|quote=In witness whereof, the Court hath caused the seal of the colony to be hereunto affixed. Dated the one and thirtieth day of the third month, called May, anno 1650.}} MayМай wasназваный referredтретим toмѣсяцьом, as the third month because the yearпонеже [[OldДатум Styleстарого andабо Newнового Style datesштила|beganрок onся Marchзачинав 25 марца]].</ref>
|1642 (1642)
|'''[[Коледж Виллиама и МериМарии]]'''
|Вирджинска колония
|1693<ref>{{cite web|title=Royal Charter|url=http://scdb.swem.wm.edu/wiki/index.php/Charter#Transcription_of_the_Royal_Charter|archive-url=https://web.archive.org/web/20120529035803/http://scdb.swem.wm.edu/wiki/index.php/Charter#Transcription_of_the_Royal_Charter|dead-url=yes|archive-date=2012-05-29|website=Swem Library Special Collections Research Center Wiki|quote=Witness our-selves, at Westminster, the eighth day of February, in the fourth year of our reign.}} TheПервый firstрок year ofпанованя [[WilliamВиллиам III., ofкраль EnglandАнглии|WilliamВиллиама III.]] andи [[MaryМария II., ofкралиця EnglandАнглии|MaryМария II.]]'s reign beganзачав on Februaryся [[13,. фебруара]] [[1689]] ([[OldДатум Styleстарого andабо Newнового Style datesштила|Nнов.S шт.]]).</ref>
|1694<ref>Hall, David D., Cultures of Print: ''Essays in the History of the Book, Univ of Massachusetts Press'', 1996, p. 131</ref>
|1754<ref>{{cite book|title=Charters, acts and official documents together with the lease and re-lease by Trinity church of a portion of the King's farm|date=June 1895|pages=10–24|url=https://archive.org/details/chartersactsoffi00colurich|quote=Witness our Trusty and well beloved'James De Lancey, Esq., our Lieutenant Governor, and Commander in chief in and over our Province of New York ... this thirty first day of October, in the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and fifty four, and of our Reign the twenty eighth.|publisher=New York, Printed for the College}}</ref>
|1754 (1758) <ref><Johnson, Samuel, ''Samuel Johnson, President of King's College; His Career and Writings'', edited by Herbert and Carol Schneider, New York: Columbia University Press, 1929, Volume 4, p. 244 and p. 246 NineТого studentsроку matriculatedзаписаны thisдевять yearштуденты.</ref>
|'''Филаделфскый коледж'''<br />(''[[Пенсилванска универзита]]'')
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