Колониалны коледжѣ: Роздїлы міджі ревізіями

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|1755 (1757)
|'''Коледж РолРод Айленда'''<ref>{{cite web|title=Two and a half centuries of history|url=https://www.brown.edu/about/history|website=Brown University|quote=Originally located in Warren, Rhode Island, and called the College of Rhode Island, Brown moved to its current spot on College Hill overlooking Providence in 1770 and was renamed in 1804 in recognition of a $5,000 gift from Nicholas Brown, a prominent Providence businessman and alumnus, Class of 1786.}}</ref><br />(''[[Бравнова универзита]]'')
|[[Колония Род Айленда и Провиденс
|1764<ref>{{cite book|title=The Charter of Brown University|date=1945|url=https://www.brown.edu/web/documents/charter-of-brown-university.pdf|page=30|quote=The next copy appears on pages 110-116 of the official records of the February Session, 1764, of the Assembly, known as the Schedules or the Acts, Resolves and Reports, which were printed at Newport by Samuel Hall and authenticated by the signature of the Secretary, Henry Ward, and the seal of the Colony, on March 12, 1764. ... Although the Charter states that it "shall be signed by the Governor and Secretary," this procedure was not ordinarily required to validate an act of the Assembly ... Consequently, the founding of Brown University dates from 1764 and not the time of the signature in 1765.}}</ref>
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