Діскузія з хоснователём:Stryn: Роздїлы міджі ревізіями

:::I came here after a report at [[:m:Vandalism reports]]. So, I guess some other users are following changes on this wiki too. [[Хоснователь:Stryn|Stryn]] ([[Діскузія з хоснователём:Stryn|діскузія]]) 19:25, 24 септембра 2017 (CEST)
::::I do not understand why he did not write me to the discussion page. In addition, he writes somewhat of his own invented spelling. He can not independently establish which norm is correct, and which - not.--[[Хоснователь:Карпаторосс|Карпаторосс]] ([[Діскузія з хоснователём:Карпаторосс|діскузія]]) 19:29, 24 септембра 2017 (CEST)
::{{ping[[Хоснователь:Stryn|Stryn}}]] He violates the spelling rule "Русиньскый язык у зеркалї новых правил про основны і середнї школы з навчанём русиньского языка". And the Wikipedia was written to him and should be written in accordance with the rule instituted by the institute, and not by the fact that he invented it there. Sorry for the bad English.--[[Хоснователь:Карпаторосс|Карпаторосс]] ([[Діскузія з хоснователём:Карпаторосс|діскузія]]) 19:33, 24 септембра 2017 (CEST)