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== Главна сторôнка ==
This name has been changed to convey all types of pronunciation in the Rusyn language. For example, in Transcarpathia, ô is read as у, and in the Presov region as і. ô is common to all --[[Хоснователь:Карпаторосс|Карпаторосс]] ([[Діскузія з хоснователём:Карпаторосс|діскузія]]) 19:19, 24 септембра 2017 (CEST)
:You need to discuss before making such big changes, start a discussion at [[Діскузія:Головна сторінка]] and ask other users' opinion. [[Хоснователь:Stryn|Stryn]] ([[Діскузія з хоснователём:Stryn|діскузія]]) 19:20, 24 септембра 2017 (CEST)